Upcoming Spring Events

* Relay For Life- April 20-21 (NRV Field)

Saturday 1pm  to Sunday 7am. There will be many student group performances, a volleyball tournament and a wing eating contest along with many more activities. There will also be a variety of themed laps throughout the night so be sure to come to the field and show your support for the war against cancer! And if you find you need a refuel in the middle of the night, stop by Starbucks NRV for BOGO coffee all night!

*Springfest- April 27, 2013 (NRV Field)

This spectacular end-of-the-year event provides a fun way for students to relax and hang out with friends before finals and summer break.  There will be student band performances, with The Maine headlining the event. And as always there will be plenty of food, activities, booths and fun to be had!

*Chef Raghavan’s events 

Chef Iyer is the author of several acclaimed cookbooks including, 660 Curries, The Turmeric Trail and Betty Crocker’s Indian Home Cooking. He received the coveted IACP award of excellence in 2004 among his other recognitions and has been featured in many magazines.  While Chef Iyer is on campus, he will be on hand at BRB Café, Tuesday, April 16th, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to demonstrate his culinary skills, feature Indian cuisine and answer any questions. On Wednesday, April 17th, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., he will be at Leutner Café as part of their ongoing monthly multicultural dinner series. Two lucky attendees at each event will win signed copies of one of his cookbooks.

*Bon Appétit’s annual Low Carbon Diet Day- April 22, 2013 (All Around Campus)

This also happens to be on Earth day! Usually for this event, guests experience how flavorful and delicious local foods can be while learning about what it really means to have a low carbon diet.  But this year, Bon Appétit is mixing it up! As opposed to showing how low carbon foods can affect the climate and environment, the food this year will demonstrate how climate change is affecting many favorite foods. They have conducted a lot of research on how climate change has already and will continue to affect food in order to show people how the nature of food and taste may change as the climate continues to change. There will also be cooking demos and educational material because the importance of living a low carbon diet cannot be stressed enough!


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