Tips for the flu season

The flu season is now among us and it’s a nasty one!  But there are simple steps you can take in order to keep your immune system up and running.  The most common advice given is to wash your hands- and you really should! That’s the best way to prevent any bacteria or viruses from getting into your system.  (But make sure you have plenty of lotion in this blustery Cleveland weather so your hands don’t dry out 🙂 ) Staying rested will help your immune system work at its best and drinking plenty of hot liquids can flush out any toxins you might have.  Another good suggestion that we don’t hear as often is to gently blow your nose often as opposed to sniffling all day.  This will help drain any mucus and by doing it gently, you won’t have a build-up of pressure which can lead to an earache.  And if you want to turn to your kitchen cupboards for relief try these: Vitamins A,C, and E are all antioxidants that keep your cell membranes and tissues healthy and functioning properly so you can hopefully prevent any infection!  The mineral zinc can also help fight infection.  Eating a varied diet of nuts, dairy, fruits and vegetables can provide you with sources of these powerful vitamins and minerals! And if all else fails, try the foolproof chicken noodle soup.  Research suggests that the ingredients in chicken noodle soup may inhibit inflammation. It is also rich in the amino acid cysteine, which is thought to break up mucous. Chicken noodle soup will always be a comforting and low cost way to relieve your symptoms.


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