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Have a great finals week — without all the stress!

Dealing with papers, exams, and projects during finals can be super stressful, especially with the anticipation of summer just around the corner. This week, we wanted to share a few simple tweaks you can make to your normal finals study regiment to ensure you do well in your classes without burning out in the process. Even if you don’t have the time or the means to practice each of these tips, even adopting one or two could prove very beneficial to your well-being and your grades.


1. Exercise. Even something as simple as a 10-minute brisk walk will allow you to relax your academic mind and focus on boosting your endorphins. Working out also helps send oxygen to the brain so you can increase protective chemicals in your mind and protect brain cells.

2. Sniff lemons. Smelling a lemon before an exam can help stimulate the hippocampus, which acts as the memory center of the brain. Even though you might feel silly, it could help with recall and recognition. And, hey, who doesn’t love the smell of lemons?!

3. Make time for friends. Socializing is an essential brain stimulant so making time to talk to friends, either on your own or at events like Thwing Study Over, can help immensely with recall. Forming study groups to make studying a social activity is one way to ensure you stay social without sacrificing precious study time.

4. Meditate. Though you might not reach inner peace on your first try, studies show that meditation actually changes the structure of the brain to help increase feelings of happiness and tranquility and encourages more connections between brain cells. This means that, even though technically not studying, you’re still making your brain stronger and ready to take on finals — all while de-stressing.

5. Eat healthy. Even though finals week might make you want to load up on comfort food and fall into a deep food coma, all evidence shows that this will, in fact, stress you out more, not less. Not only do unhealthy eating habits disrupt your sleep patterns (another important aspect of keeping stress down), but they also impair your ability to concentrate — especially if you’re eating foods that are high in saturated fats, such as red meat and full-fat dairy products. So instead of grabbing a cheeseburger during your next visit to Leutner or Fribley, make yourself a salad topped with flax seed (a great source of omega-3s) and grilled chicken and when you take a snack break, grab some raw almonds, grapes, and carrot sticks and stay away from the chips and candy.


Simply Delicious. Simply Nutritious.

By: Rachel Paul

Looking forward to summer? So are we! Follow these simple tips to get your back into your beach bod at the end of this busy semester!

Simple 600 @ BRB

Did you know that the Biomedical Research Building Cafe offers a well balanced 600 calorie meal for lunch every weekday? The dish incorporates global flavors while only contains less than or equal to 600 calories, 20 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat and 600 milligrams of sodium! Find the weekly menu here:


Simple Recipes for Your Dorm:
Check out these 60 second or less recipes with ingredients you may already have!

Hummus & Pita

Tropical Wake-Up Smoothie

Banana Roll-Up

Simple Supermarket Saves:
Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season – they are usually the ones on sale AND they taste better! Check out this list specifically for Ohio:

Bottom In-Season Ohio

1. Tribole, Evelyn. Eating on the Run. Champaign, IL: Leisure, 1992. Print.

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the new Bon Appétit at CWRU blog! We’ll be updating every week with posts about on-campus dining options as well as tips for staying healthy – even as a student. As interns, we’re so excited to be able to create a dialogue about nutrition in college and to talk about Bon Appétit’s efforts to make dining at CWRU as easy, delicious, and healthy as possible. This week, we just wanted to introduce ourselves but stay tuned next week for our first real post!


Keri Barron

I’m a sophomore studying nutritional biochemistry and metabolism and I’m also a Math SI.  I love working for Bon Appétit because they have awesome programs in place that support sustainability, buying local and many other issues that are important to me.  In my spare time (what little there is), I love running, rollerblading, biking and pretty much any outdoor activity!



Rachel Paul

 I am studying to be a Registered Dietitian and am currently in my Master’s here at Case – where I did my undergrad too! My favorite aspect of working with Bon Appétit is my daily interaction with the amazing, enthusiastic, and passionate staff. In my spare time, I like to take fun exercise classes, eat frozen yogurt, read, and of course go shopping 🙂



Maura Roth

I am a third year marketing major with special interests in ethics and corporate responsibility. Working with Bon Appétit has been such a wonderful experience – not only have I learned more about nutrition, but I’ve also gained insight into Bon Appétit as a company and its efforts to provide delicious, sustainable dishes to the student population. In my spare time, I like to take naps, read, and visit New York City.